Thursday 24th November

Everyone knows someone who was nearly famous… Their band was nearly signed by a major record label, they nearly had their book published or they nearly got to play Bianca in Eastenders (can you imagine her played by Ms Bunton? It nearly happened! Ricky!!!) This morning we celebrated those who nearly made it. Have a listen to Vicky who gave us a call below and find out why she was nearly famous!

A new survey (yes, we love our surveys!) reveals nearly a quarter of mums buy their own Christmas presents and wrap them themselves. Not surprising considering Jamie’s choice of presents for his mum and have you seen his wrapping? If you’ve ever been sent a Heart Breakfast mug you’ll know what we mean!

Tomorrow is Friday which means Freebie Friday and a stack of great prizes on the conveyor belt. Emma could also be Spicing Up Your Life at any time and we’ll also catch up with Jason Donovan ahead of this weekend’s Strictly.

Have a good day x

Nearly Famous On Heart Breakfast - 24th November 2011