Thursday 25th August

New software’s been developed that can tell you if you’re singing out of tune at karaoke. It’s perfect for Tom and Charlie! Click below to have a listen as they put it through its paces…

What tube line do you travel to work on in the morning? If you get on the Central or Northern lines you’re in good company. A new survey reveals the best looking women are to be found on the Central Line and the best looking blokes take the Northern. Worth bearing in mind if you’re looking for love at the moment!

When’s the last time you wore your best hat? You could be dusting it down for Ladies Day at Kempton Park if you score 6 or more on Hearticulate tomorrow. Sandra from Camberwell won her tickets today.

Julie from Romford was a bit stumped by Michael McIntyre on Wakey Wakey today. She wasn’t sure what he does for a living (he’s a comedian) meaning she only got 4 out of 5. She still gets a Heart Breakfast mug to drink her tea from. You could win a mug or an alarm clock if you play tomorrow.

We have your chance to win your share of over £10,000 worth of family days out in Heart Breakfast’s Staycation. Today we sent Alison from Surbiton to Rock Of Ages starring Justin Lee Collins and Shayne Ward and Barbara from Stevenage to Legally Blonde and Batman Live.

Tomorrow, new X Factor judge Tulisa will be dropping in for a chat and Friday means… Freebie Friday!

Karaoke Catastrophe On Heart Breakfast - 25th August 2011