Thursday 27th October

This morning we had two of The Saturdays in the studio! Tom was loving it!

Una and Mollie were here to announce that they will be officially turning on the Oxford Street Christmas lights alongside Toby Anstis! We also spoke a bit about their new single, plus we embarrassed Mollie by playing her a clip of when she auditioned for The X-Factor (twice!). Hear the interview below..

Tom told us how he felt a bit silly, when he lost £20 at a cashpoint in Covent Garden. He put his PIN in, and retrieved his card.... but then walked away, forgetting to take the money! When he realised 10 minutes later he went back (hoping) that he could find it! - Apparently the guy behind him in the queue was an Ant (from Ant & Dec) look-a-like! 

Tomorrow is Freebie Friday, PLUS it's the last day for you to get your hands on those really special Bruno Mars tickets! 

The Saturdays