Thursday 2nd June

Jamie’s decided what he'd like for his birthday… It’s not until December but that gives Harriet a while to save up. He’s always wanted… a jet pack! Find out what’s inspired him by clicking below…

We found out that Adele wants to duet with Harold Bishop from Neighbours. We didn’t know he could sing! He does play the tuba though. Jamie’s always had difficulty telling soaps from real life… Ever since that time he went out with Mary The Punk!

Spideyman gave us a ring (we really must change our number!). He was supposed to be fighting Dr Octopus in Brentford but has to look after his younger brother, Dean. He's come up with a clever alternative to babysitting though – webbing Dean to the Hammersmith Flyover!

All this week we’ve been giving away a gorgeous prize. A luxury designer handbag packed with girly goodies like an iPod Touch and a matching purse containing £200 to spend at Selfridges. Mandy was our lucky winner today. She’ll be glamming it up down Beckton high street… Tomorrow it could be you!

If you had a bottle of Shiraz or Chardonnay where would you store it? A decanter? A wine cellar? It was actually a “wine rack” that foxed Jane from Charlton on Hearticulate today. She scored 4 but you need to get 6 or more if you want to see Bryan Adams at the O2 in December. Give us a call tomorrow to play.

Thursday’s Absurd Word was “cabbage”. The idea is we replace a word from a headline with an absurd word. You have to tell us what word we’ve replaced. We’ll have another round tomorrow at 6.15.

Remember, if you’re a big fan of Glee you mustn’t miss Heart Breakfast tomorrow. We’re all really excited because Mr Schuster aka Matthew Morrison will be popping in. Can’t wait! See you in the morning!