Thursday 7th April

Today, Jamie trekked into the jungle in search of monkeys and bats. He was ably assisted by his guide, Arthur who does great wildlife impressions and knows the difference between exotic birds and pigeons (unlike Jamie!). JT also found a taxi driver who sounds just like Michael Jackson and popped into a thong shop to buy himself a thong. No, we don’t want to see any thong pictures thanks Mr Theakston!

Our new Brazilian friend, Guilherme was happy to confirm that the weather was sunny in Rio. He even gave us a tuneful rendition of The Sun Has Got His Hat On… We’re not so sure he’s related to Wagner!

Gina from Farnborough managed 5 on Hearticulate. She stumbled on “wine glass” but still managed to pick herself up a Heart Breakfast mug and a selection of DVDs. Tomorrow, you can play with Jamie or Joanne and win yourself a private gondola ticket for up to 6 people on Heart’s Hyde Park Celebration Wheel

Spideyman gave us a call (we should have left the spideyphone at home!). He’s been watering the plants for Jamie and using a hosepipe to save time. He’s broken the telly though and used his spidey powers to stick most of the furniture to the ceiling! 

Tomorrow is our last day in sunny Rio… Jamie will be flying a helicopter over some of the city’s famous landmarks and giving you the chance to follow in his footsteps by winning an amazing family sunshine holiday.

And… it’s Freebie Friday! See you in the morning!