Tuesday 14th June

Well, we're much happier that the weather is slightly better today. It was actually light by the time we got in this morning!

Spideyman called up this morning, he tried to get Nicola to come along to the Take That tour. Swinging around in the air conditioning units. 

Nicola made us all realise how lucky Jamie was that it was raining in Cornwall for his holidays, as there was a man-eating shark in the waters, just down the road from where Jamie was staying! Fortunately as it was raining Jamie so the family didn't venture into the sea!

Also today we heard news that 80s pop duo Black Lace - famous for the cheesy dance hit such as Agadoo - are back! They are apparently are re-releasing a new version of 'Do the Conga'. It's all because of the success of the TV advert which features the song.

We tested our grey matter this morning! Lets see how you go... 

If Cheryl Cole is 10, And Robbie Williams is 14.... What is Madonna? (Ans at the bottom of this page).

Tomorrow, we’ll have another chance for you to win a pair of tickets to Take That’s sold out Progress tour. Well done to Nina who was our second winner this week. There is also another chance to win via the station's facebook page. Just find the codeword each day!

Later this week, Mayor of London, Boris Johnson will be saying hello! 

Harriet's back tomorrow after moving out of her house! See the picture below of what we're told is van number 2 being loaded up yesterday! 

Harriet Scott's removal van number 2 being packed!

(Ans 7 [Madonna has 7 characters])