Tuesday 17th May

We love a good nose around other people’s houses – especially if they’re rich and famous! Jamie’s popped round to Elton and David’s (namedropper!) and Harriet was once invited in for a cup of tea by Joan Sims from the Carry On films!

So, whose houses have you seen? Click on the link below to find out where Michelle from Luton has stayed and who Kelly from Thornton Heath once delivered a vast quantity of wine to!

Spideyman gave us a call today. He’s in hospital with a spot of appent… apen… er, tummy trouble. London is safe though because Metalman works in a pizza shop in Catford and if anything happens we’ve got his number!

Today’s Absurd Word was “floppy!” We’ll leave it at that for now! Have a listen tomorrow morning at 6:15 if you want to know what on earth our new competition is all about.

And well done to Tony from Bromley. He got 6 on Hearticulate with Jamie and places. Tomorrow you could win tickets to X Factor live if you score 6 or more.

Have a brilliant day. See you in the morning.

Heart Breakfast With Jamie & Harriet - Homes Of The Rich And Famous 170511