Tuesday 19th July

We’ve heard of eventful wedding receptions but have you ever had a pop star gatecrash your party? Justin Bieber heard one of his songs being played at a wedding reception and had to pop in to say hi! Have a listen below.

Harriet’s got a mouth ulcer and she wanted to know if anyone knew any remedies. We had loads of suggestions including drinking milk, gargling salt water and garlic. We’ll get her to try them all and let us know how she gets on.

It’s day 2 of our new competition, Wakey Wakey. We want to make sure that everyone in London is wide awake. Michelle from Hemel Hempstead sadly wasn’t – only getting four questions right. She gets a Heart Breakfast mug but she could have had an exclusive Heart Breakfast alarm clock! There’ll be another chance to win tomorrow.

Kerry from Watford fared better on Hearticulate. She scored 6 with "places". Good work Kerry.

We’ll be back tomorrow when you wake up. Have a great day x

Justin Bieber Crashes A Wedding - 19th July 2011