Tuesday 1st November

He’s the man who brought sexy back to Heart Breakfast (when did sexy ever leave Heart Breakfast?)… It’s Justin Timberlake! Have a listen below to find out what he thinks of London and whether he’d date Pippa Middleton by clicking below.

Did you get any trick or treaters last night? Emma had a big bucket of Haribo ready but didn’t get a single one! That means there’s still a loads of sweeties at Emma’s house – or maybe not!

If you need a little more spice in your life then our Emma is here to help. We could be sending you to the premiere of Arthur Christmas tomorrow – make sure you’re listening for your chance to win.

How good’s your singing? If you can warble along to some of the eighties classics on Emma’s ghetto blaster you could be grabbing yourself a Playstation 3, Singstar game, plasma TV and DVD plus cash to spend on food and drink. Get your vocal chords warmed up ready for the morning!

Tomorrow our special guest will be David Walliams. If you’ve got a question for him let us know on our Facebook page.

See you tomorrow x

Justin Timberlake On Heart Breakfast - 1st November 2011