Tuesday 22nd November

Stand up comedian Jimmy Carr pulled up a chair in the Heart Breakfast studio this morning. He’s looking forward to Christmas – mostly because he doesn’t have to cook! Find out why he thinks he’s got a weird laugh and why he likes to drink in airports by clicking below!

32 days to go now until Christmas and the people of London have spoken. Today was the day we played our first festive song! About time too – Emma’s had the tree up and been tucking in to the mince pies for the last week and a half!

Fancy a glam night out on the red carpet? You could be mingling with the stars of Hugo at the Royal premiere on Monday if we Spice Up Your Life. Emma’s blagged some top tickets and Royalty will be there so you need to be listening in the morning.

See you tomorrow!

Jimmy Carr On Heart Breakfast - 22nd November 2011