Tuesday 26th April

Russell Brand chatted to Harriet about his new film, Arthur, his change of image and what his wife, Katy Perry thought about him tweeting a picture of her with no make up on! If you missed the chat you can have a listen to the full interview below…

Only three days to go now until the Royal Wedding and in a last-minute bid to secure a knighthood we’ve formed Heart’s Wedding Band! Just tell us the song we’re playing (well, trying to play anyway) and you could be coming to Heart’s Wedding Breakfast on Friday. Well done to today’s winners – Steve from Sidcup and Angela from Shepherd’s Bush.

We haven’t been invited to the wedding (despite Harriet once having seen Princess Anne in Hull so we’re not sure why!) We wanted to know why you hadn’t been invited either. Anna from Penge’s mum is Carol Middleton – not the Carol Middleton but it’s a start! Andrew from Maidenhead called us to say he was the man who sorted out the finances for the princes’ education… He definitely should have had an invite! 

Spideyman won’t be going to the wedding either (thank goodness!). He spent his weekend in Ikea looking for a Billy bookcase. The furniture shopping wasn’t a great success but he did munch his way through 24 hot dogs!

And well done to Fiona from Ewell who will be taking 5 friends on a trip on Heart’s Hyde Park Celebration Wheel. She scored 6 on Hearticulate.

We could really get used to these short weeks. It’ll soon be the weekend again! Set your alarm for 6am.

Russell Brand On Heart Breakfast - 26th April 2011