Tuesday 31st May

Disturbing news this morning on Heart Breakfast – a rhino head’s been stolen! We’d love to know why anyone would steal one and what they’d actually do with it! Jamie has a possible solution. Have a listen below.

One person we don’t think will be able to solve the crime is Spideyman. He’s been too busy “twutting” to catch criminals. We guess he means “tweeting” (let’s hope so anyway!). If you’d like to follow Spidey and find out which evil super villains he’s tackled around London then just type @spideymantweets into your Twitter browser type thingy.

Jamie’s diet is now well underway. Harriet challenged him to lose whatever weight she gains during her pregnancy. His target weight loss this week was 2 pounds – unfortunately he’s gained a pound and a half! Not a great start JT. Check his progress throughout Harriet’s pregnancy here.

We have an amazing prize to be won all this week – a designer handbag worth over £1000. It’s gorgeous and stuffed with goodies including a matching purse, designer perfume, an iPod Touch and £200 to spend at Selfridges. Jane from Staines bagged one this morning. Tomorrow, it could be you!

Bryan Adams comes to London in December to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his Waking Up The Neighbours album. You can win your way into the gig at the O2 if you get 6 or more on Hearticulate this week. Clever Karen from Carshalton scored 8 today so she’ll be rocking with us in December.

Today’s Absurd Word was “mango”. Annette from Woolwich was our brave contestant and grabbed herself a Heart Breakfast mug… just! Give us a call if you’d like to play Absurd Words tomorrow morning.

See you at six!

Jamie And Harriet From Heart Breakfast Discuss A Stolen Rhino Head - 31st May 2011