Tuesday 3rd January

Happy new year! We hope you had an amazing festive season and Santa brought you everything you asked for.

Jamie saw in 2012 staying in a hotel with a well-known actor (no scandal – click below to find out who!) and Harriet made her new year’s resolutions including “being focused” and having at least one bath a week!

A woman who lost her wedding ring 16 years ago was amazed when it popped up on a carrot growing in her garden. The ring had probably gone down the sink with potato peelings which were then used as compost on the garden. Jamie wondered if this means she’s now married to the carrot!

We made Toni from New Eltham’s morning by sending her off on an 8 night cruise to Dubai. Tomorrow, you could be swapping the January blues for the deep blue sea as we have another chance for you to win.

See you tomorrow!

Uncaged On Heart Breakfast - 3rd January 2012