Tuesday 8th November

He's played some big roles in his time but tonight's the big one. Bill will be helping Jamie and Emma switch on the Regent Street Christmas lights. Find out how he's preparing for the part and what he's got planned for Christmas below.

A supermarket chain has revealed a new double-decker pizza! It clocks in a massive 1780 calories which is almost the entire recommended daily allowance for a woman. Jamie thinks he can find room for it though and is already working on a new innovation – the double-double-decker pizza. Twice the fun!

Tomorrow on Heart Breakfast Emma will be spreading more spice with some great prizes to be won. She could feel the urge at any time so if you’d like to Spice Up Your Life make sure you’re listening.

What would you do if you’d managed to blag your way into Johnny Depp’s dressing room? Ask him about his new film, The Rum Diary of course! Jamie and Emma also find out about his favourite acting role and what the future holds for Captain Jack Sparrow. You an catch our chat with Johnny tomorrow morning.

Have a great day. Hope it stays dry later!

Bill Nighy On Heart Breakfast - 8th November 2011