Wednesday 12th October

Jamie and Emma will be on loose Women today. As is traditional on Heart Breakfast we get them to slip a random word into the conversation as chosen by you. Which word have they gone for? Click below to find out!

Jessie J’s plane was delayed for three hours the other day so she decided to entertain the waiting passengers by singing! Emma did the same thing with the Spice Girls a few years ago singing Wannabe at the front of the plane. They got a cheer when they finished – Emma thinks maybe the audience just wanted them off the plane!

Day 3 f the Generation Gap saw 9 year old Daisy winning again. It went to a tie-break but Daisy’s knowledge of eggs assured a cracking victory! Tomorrow she’ll be up against her Uncle Woz in the quiz where the kids take on the groen-ups.

If you’ve not registered to play Battle Of The Boroughs yet you’ve not got long to go. Give us a call during the show on 0845 605 1062 for your chance to win a big pile of cash and be hailed a local hero!

Tomorrow, we’re back with your chance to grab £2000 from Wowcher for you and your family. We’ll be sending Nicola Bonn to sample another experience.

See you tomorrow!

Loosely Speaking On Heart Breakfast - 12th October 2011