Wednesday 14th December

Christmas is a time for reminiscing and this morning on Heart Breakfast Jamie was recalling the time Gabriella Cilmi popped in for an interview. Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite according to plan. Have a listen below to find out why!

A body language expert has released a list of the four most common ways to tell if someone’s not telling the truth! The signs to look out for are hiding the mouth or smiling too quickly so remember when you’re opening Auntie Mabel’s present on Christmas Day!

Tomorrow, we could be sending Nicola Bonn to knock on your door so make sure you’re dressed! She’ll have an Xbox Xmas and £500 cash. If you’ve not registered yet click here for your chance to win.

And if lions, parrots and gorillas are your thing we’ll be sending another family on an adventure in Longleat.

See you tomorrow!

Sweet About Tea On Heart Breakfast - 14th December 2011