Wednesday 18th May

This morning on Heart Breakfast we wanted to hear about your pop memorabilia. Harriet’s got the stud from one of Madonna’s boots she “borrowed” from a party. She’s not sure if it has any value (we’re guessing the answer to that is “no”!).

Panna from Golders Green bumped into all the members of The Real Thing on Finchley Road about 30 years ago. Amazingly, she recognised them and managed to persuade them to give her autographs. We reckon… at auction… on a good day they fetch about a tenner. Lorraine has a signed Phil Collins Union Jack! What every Phil fan can’t be without!

We have tickets to see George Michael live to be won on Hearticulate. Christine White’s a massive fan Have a listen below. and scored 6 this morning so she’ll be going to the concert. It could be you tomorrow.

And today’s Absurd Word was banana. It all makes sense if you have a listen. Honestly!

See you tomorrow when our special guest will be Rupert Everett.

Lorraine Calls Heart Breakfast With Jamie & Harriet To Talk Pop Memorabilia - 18th May 2011