Wednesday 1st June

With all the fuss over Cheryl Cole’s removal from the US X Factor, Jamie thought he’d come to the rescue and get Cheryl and Simon to make friends. He gave them both a call to see if they’d kiss and make up. How did he get on? Find out by having a listen below..!

A survey out today says we spend 36 minutes of every day worrying…. That’s worrying for us because we only spend 19 minutes a day worrying. Now we’re a bit worried that we’re not worried enough! Harriet’s got a solution though… Get an Aussie friend! They’re always saying “no worries mate”!

What’s in your handbag? Emma from Marlow won a designer bag filled with some amazing girly goodies including a matching purse, designer perfume and an iPod Touch. You could be bagging yourself one tomorrow.

Pam from Lea On Sea’s got the day off today. She’s going to sit on the beach and read a book in the sunshine. She won herself a Heart Breakfast mug and selection of family DVDs on Hearticulate. Tomorrow you could be off to see Bryan Adams live at the O2 if you score 6 or more.

Wednesday’s Absurd Word was “platypus”. Lynn from Waltham Cross grabbed a Heart Breakfast mug to drink her morning cuppa out of by telling us the word that we’d replaced. More chances to win tomorrow.

Have a great day!

PS – if you’re a fan of Glee, make sure you're listening on Friday!

Jamie From Heart Breakfast Reunites Cowell And Cole - 1st June 2011