Wednesday 23rd November

Aston from JLS loves his home town of Peterborough so much he’s had a picture of Peterborough Cathedral tattooed on his arm. Jamie’s feeling inspired by this and is thinking of having a tattoo of St Paul’s Cathedral on his thigh – it is a lovely part of London after all. So is St Paul’s Cathedral! Find out what Emma’s favourite tattoo is and what it means by clicking below…

If you’ve got the winter blues you could do worse than watching an episode of Friends or Only Fools And Horses (perhaps not My Family though!). A new survey reveals we tune in to sitcoms to cheer ourselves up. Watching comedies topped the poll ahead of having a glass of wine or phoning your mum!

Tomorrow, iPod Nana will be putting down her knitting and popping in to serenade us with another song from her iPod. You could win and iPod of your own if you can identify the song.

Also tomorrow, we’ve got every toy your kids could ever want for Christmas! See you in the morning!

Bunton's Body On Heart Breakfast - 21st November 2011