Wednesday 27th April

Like Kate and Wills, we’re really looking forward to Friday now (okay, we’re a little bit nervous too!). Make sure you listen to Heart’s Wedding Breakfast on Friday from 8am for all the gossip on the big day. We’ll be live from Kensington Roof Gardens with all the excitement and just a little bit of romance!

You can still win your way in to our event. Catrina from Chelsea and Sharon from Ashford identified the songs the Jamie & Harriet Wedding Band were “playing” so we’ll see them there.

Heart’s Nicola Bonn popped down to Westminster Abbey to soak up the atmosphere of this morning’s rehearsal. She met Bernadette who’s come all the way to London from Alberta, Canada. She’ll be at the front on the big day to cheer on the Royal Couple.

Jamie’s thinking of banning the “objects” category on Hearticulate! He thinks it’s getting too easy. What do you think? Melanie in Rainham doesn’t think so… She scored 6 and bagged a gondola ride on Heart’s Hyde Park Celebration Wheel. There’ll be another chance to win tomorrow.

And… What hymns will Wills and Kate choose on Friday? Jamie and Harriet have some suggestions. Warning – the clip below contains singing!

Jamie & Harriet From Heart Breakfast Discuss Wedding Hymns