Wednesday 27th July

We started swapping on Heart Breakfast this morning. We had a Heart Breakfast alarm clock and wanted to know what you’d swap for it. Offers came flooding in including a cake, a chicken a pair of designer cufflinks (with one missing!) and a Snoopy toy.

We eventually plumped for Janet from Takeley’s offer of a Rowan Atkinson autograph she’d got from him in the 1980s. That means tomorrow we’ll be training it up for something else. What will you give us for it?

With a year to go until the Olympics, Jamie gave Boris Johnson a call to find out how it’s going. Have a listen below!

Old fashioned fun such as 'knock down ginger' and simple card games are virtually unknown to today's children, who have grown up with Playstations and Gameboys. Playground favourites like conkers and marbles are familiar to just a third of primary school youngsters. Jamie’s favourite was British Bulldog but he was never very good at it!

Alison from Eltham played Wakey Wakey today and proved she was wide awake scoring 5 and getting a Heart Breakfast alarm clock. If you’d like to play tomorrow, give us a call just after 6.

This morning’s Hearticulate contestant was Priya from Hounslow. She got 6 so she’ll be taking her young brother and sister to Lollibop at Regents Park.

We’re back tomorrow with special guest Bradley Cooper (Harriet’s off to get her hair done!). Have a great day.

Jamie Calls Boris Johnson - 27th July 2011