Wednesday 2nd November

David Walliams has swum the channel and the entire length of the Thames. He’s written best-selling children’s books and starred in hit TV shows. He’s never dressed up as Emma Bunton though. Obviously Heart Breakfast had to put that right! Have a listen below…

Corduroy fans are anxiously waiting for 11th November when they hope to welcome their “messiah”. The New York Corduroy Appreciation Society is seeking a child who turns 11 on 11/11/11 – the date that most resembles their favourite textile! The child will be installed on a throne and treated like “textile royalty”. An exciting day for geography teachers, intellectuals and Heart Breakfast presenters everywhere!

Emma Bunton’s always looking for ways to Spice Up Your Life. Tomorrow, she’ll have another chance for you to be at the premiere of Arthur Christmas this Sunday. Make sure you’re listening!

Also tomorrow, we’ll have another entertainment package to be won with Singstar. If you’re a bit of a karaoke star you could be singing live on the radio in the morning.

Have a great day. We’ll be back in the morning x

David Walliams On Heart Breakfast - 2nd November 2011