Wednesday 7th December

Emma Bunton's very well connected... Not only is she pals with Louis Spence, Victoria Beckham and once sat opposite that one out of Busted on the District Line - she also gets Christmas cards from Royalty! Have a listen to Jamie actually being rendered speechless below!

If you’re planning on pigging out this festive season – beware! Experts say that eating large amounts of cake can make you hairy! It doesn’t seem to have done Jamie any harm (especially if you look at how much hair he has on his head these days!).

How would you like us to send you and your family to the sunshine? Make sure you tune in tomorrow when we’re giving you another chance to win a holiday to the Canary Islands. Just identify the celebrity we’re chipwrecked with to be a winner.

Tomorrow, Emma could be spicing up your life. It could happen at any time and we have some amazing prizes to come so keep listening!

Have a great day. See you in the morning x

Cheers From Charles - 7th December 2011