Wednesday 8th June

Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver popped into the Heart Breakfast studio this morning (he wasn’t naked, unfortunately!). He did bring his drumsticks with him though (not the food variety – actual drumsticks!). We just happened to have a few old pots and pans lying around (they’re doing up the Heart canteen) so improvised a drum kit.

Have a listen the full interview below and click here to check out the video!

We wanted to know where the most inappropriate place you’d been chatted up was. Stephanie’s a secondary school teacher and got asked for her phone number on the train – in front of 12 pupils! Simone gave us a call to tell us she’d been asked out for a date by a passport controller at an airport in New York. She politely declined (he let her into the country anyway!).

We’ve only got a few more pairs of Bryan Adams tickets to be won on Hearticulate. Remember, you need to score 6 or more to be a winner. Dean in Epsom did just that this morning. Well done Dean!

Tomorrow David Walliams will be here. If you’ve got any questions for him let us know via Facebook. While you’re there, make sure you “like” Heart for your chance to see Take That live.

Have a great day!

Jamie Oliver On Heart Breakfast - 8th June 2011