Weirdest Place You've Fallen Asleep?

The Duke of Edinburgh has revealed that he's had a bed installed into his horse box just in case he fancies a nap!

This got us thinking on Heart Breakfast of where the most random place is that you've fallen asleep!?

Have a listen to caller Simone and what happened when she rather embarassingly fell asleep at the Wimbledon Tennis Final!

Samone falling asleep at Wimbledon! - Wednesday 28th


Thanks for all of your comments on Facebook too, here are just some of them;

Natalie: "On top of cargo in a herc during a flight to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus!"

Jill: "Leaning on my elbows reading the paper. Woke up with newspaper print on my forehead where my head had dropped onto the paper."

Jennifer: "I fell asleep at the dentist, it was an early appointment after a late night"