Breakfast Blog: Jack Bauer V Del Boy

Del Boy's used to dodgy dealings but he's got Jack Bauer to deal with now!

It's been reported that the crew of 24 were stopped from filming at Shepherds Bush Market because the Only Fools And Horses team were making an episode of the sitcom there! We imagined what it would be like if Jack Bauer interrogated Del Boy. Listen below!

Bunton scored a rare victory on Beat Bunton this morning despite not knowing Jamie's clue "dead as a..." was a dodo! Even more worryingly, she told us that she'd brought one of the extinct birds back from Mauritius! We'll be playing Beat Bunton again tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, a Top 10 at 10 Past, an Oscar Winning Performance and we'll be blasting another celebrity into space x

Jack Bauer V Del Boy - 28th Jan 2014