Breakfast Blog: Olly Murs

Can Olly Murs Beat Bunton?

Filan Failed, Robbie was rubbish but can Olly Murs Beat Bunton? Find out and listen to Jamie and Emma's chat with the lovely Olly below!

Yesterday we asked you if it was too early to start playing Christmas songs and 75% of you said yes. Today 62% of you thought it was too early but... Christmas is coming! Let us know when you want us to get the festive season going - not long now!

Are you turning into your parents? Emma's Mum moans when the music's too loud in bars, cries at John Lewis ads and thinks men wear their trousers too low.. Just like Emma then! Jamie's not turning into his parents but he went straight from 0-40.

Have a lovely day. We'll see you in the morning x

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