Friday Blog: Barking Parking!

Well... Ealing actually but that didn't rhyme!

So we've had the Grammys, the Brits and the Oscars but today is the big one - the British Parking Awards! Of course Heart Breakfast has been following this very closely. You can get all the exclusive gossip below.

Jamie's been feeling a bit left out after Emma scooped her Mum Of The Year Award so we gave him one to shut him up - not a Mum award but a Best Beard On Heart Breakfast Award (or something like that - it shut him up anyway).

Ahead of Mothers' Day on Sunday we wanted to know the worst piece of advice your mum ever gave you. Our favourite was from Becky who told us her mum advised her not to join a circus. She ignored the advice and after a year traveling and looking after the animals now works with them full time!

We'll be back on Monday. Enjoy your weekend and don't forget your mum on Sunday! x

Barking Parking On Heart Breakfast - 8th Mar 2013