Friday Blog: Big Night Out!

Has anyone got any aspirin?

There were a few sore heads in the Heart Breakfast studio this morning. After the Heart Breakfast night out we were all in need of a strong coffee and a full fat fry up. Last night Emma treated us to a night out at Viva Forever. Joanne Travel and Holly News treated us to their dance moves and Jamie treated us to a round of drinks at the bar (first time for everything!).

Jamie Theakston Emma Bunton team night out

We wanted to know about the foods that you just can't stand... Sprouts, tinned tuna and olives all came up(!). Have a listen to the Top 10 below.

We're having an early night tonight but we'll be back on Monday with your chance to get up close an personal with Michael Buble. You don't want to miss that! Have a great weekend x

Yum Or Yuck - 7th Jun 2013