Friday Blog: Shocking!

Yay! We made it to Friday which meant Emma could treat herself to the traditional Heart Breakfast Friday Fry Up.

But, there was a catch... Stephen said she had to earn it by playing his special buzzer game. It wasn't quite what Emma was expecting! Have a listen below...

We were looking for your passport stories... Sarah in Clapham told us she fell asleep in a bus and woke up in Germany! With no passport or money she stowed away to Munich and got home after three days!

We played our last edition of Wind In The Willis this morning. Have a listen below!

Emma's off skiing next week (as long as she can find her passport) so Stephen will be joined by Margherita Taylor. Have a great weekend x

Stephen And Emma's Buzzer Game - 22nd Feb 2013

Wind In The Willis Day 5 - 22nd Feb 2013