Friday: The Heart Breakfast Nativity

On Monday we started the mammoth task of casting for our very own Heart Breakfast Nativity.

We asked for anyone to come forward if they felt they were experienced for any of the roles. Our full cast list was as follows:

  • Mary - Heavily pregnant Newsreader Katie!
  • Joseph - Caller Joseph who's a plumber, beggars can't be choosers eh!
  • Three Wiseman - 3 of our smartest Battle of The Borough contestants!
  • Shepherd - Erm, do you own sheep?! Or is your surname Shepherd?
  • Innkeeper 1 - Vicky from The Great Spoon of Ilford Pub
  • Innkeeper 2 - Alan who's been an extra in 'Death Wish 3'
  • Angel Gabriel - Singer Gabrielle Aplin and & Angela Gabrielle (quite a fitting name eh!)

Have a listen below and hear how our Mary and Joseph got on in their quest to find a suitable birthplace!

The Heart Breakfast Nativity 2012