The Best Bits of Heart Breakfast

This week on Heart Breakfast...

Dannii Mingoue...

We're still a bit shocked from Jamie asking her a rather 'personal' question about bedroom attire!

Have a listen below and find out what she thought of Kate Middleton wearing a dress she had designed and whether she'll ever return to the X Factor.

Dannii Minogue On Heart Breakfast - 21st Nov 2012

Recycling Unwanted Presents...

Have you ever recycled a christmas present given to you and passed it on to someone else? 

Alison called us to share just how bad it can be when you're not careful with recycling gifts!

How NOT to recycle a gift!

Losing it!

What's the worst thing you've left behind? Hear Andy on the worst case of memory lapse EVER and see if you've done worse..!

Last week on Heart Breakfast:

Spot the liar...

How good are you at spotting a lie?! The World's Biggest Liar Competition took place this week so to celebrate Jamie and Harriet played their own version...Can you spot the fib?!

Test how good you are at spotting a lie with story from Simone in Barkingside about training BGT's winner Pudsey the dog..!

Listen to Simone's story here!

Ashleigh and Pudsey Uber Twilight Fans....

We spoke to uber Twilight fan Victoria, whose been queueing since Monday ahead of the premiere on Wednesday. Crazy? You decide!

Listen here

Weird Obsessions...

Have you ever been OBSESSED with anything? We found out that a man in London owns Europe's largest Sylvanian Families collection and has spent £40,000 on the toys. It got Jamie and Harriet thinking about what they were obsessed with and wanted to know your obsession stories too! 

Listen below to Amy's despair over her husband's rather 'unusual' obsession!

Amy's husband is obsessed with Warhammer!Warhammer Model

Weirdest Thing you've found...

What's the weirdest thing you've found?! This morning, we found out that Fat Boy Slim had found an old music stand in a skip, that turned out to belong to Sir Paul McCartney!

And it turns out London has had some weird finds too...including some teeth! 

Listen here!

Heston Blumenthal

Michelin star chef, Heston Blumenthal popped in to cook up one of his famous culinary treats. Check the pics and video here:

Heston Blumenthal Cooks Live! Previous goodies from Heart Breakfast...

Dawn French

The old Vicar popped in to the Heart Breakfast studio to chat to Jamie and Harriet. Find out all about the new man in her life, her latest book and whether she'll ever make a return to Dibley...

Dawn French On Heart Breakfast - 29th Oct 2012

Dawn French with Jamie and Harriet

Miranda Hart

The lovely Miranda Hart popped in for a cuppa with Jamie and Harriet. Find out how she got so tall, what she wears in bed and where her favourite place in london is!

Miranda Hart On Heart Breakfast - 18th Oct 2012

Sofa Sadness

So after 20 years, Jamie's finally decided to get rid of his old sofa... It's going to be tough especially as he's had so much fun with the old one...

Sofa Sadness On Heart Breakfast - 17th Oct 2012

Amanda Holden

Amanda's used to being surrounded by talented people... Not sure what she was doing on Heart Breakfast then! Find out what her secret passion is, what she was once paid £20 to do and what coloured knickers she was wearing!

Amanda Holden On Heart Breakfast - 16th Oct 2012

Amanda Holden on Heart Breakfast with Jamie and Ha Olly Murs

On Friday Love Music Live star Olly Murs co-hosted the show! Listen here and check out the gallery here

Camp Cuppa

David Walliams popped in to see Jamie and Harriet and chat about his new book - Camp David. But how well does he know his own writing. Have a listen here