Heart Breakfast Panto

Each morning on the show Jason and Nicola will play you the next episode of our special Heart Breakfast Panto: Cinderella!

Starring Harriet as Cinderella, and Jamie as Buttons, out panto has a massive all star cast including appearances from Dawn French, Emma Bunton, Olly Murs, The Wanted, and many more!



In Episode 1 we are introduced to Cinderella's two Ugly Sisters, Dawn French and Emma Bunton. The Celebrity Postman, Olly Murs, has delivered an invitation to Cinderella's sisters. Button's dream of being in a heart-throb boy band like The Wanted. But never fear the Fairy Godmother (Gok Wan) comes to the rescue and Cinderella will go to the ball.

Episode 1: The Invitation & The Fairy Godmother

Tomorrow, find out if Cinders will make it to the ball!

Episode 2, and the Fairy GokMother gets Cinders to the ball - in a Reliant Robin! But then Buttons tries auditioning for yet another boyband! JLS pull up!

Episode 2: Getting to the ball & JLS Audition

Do JLS secretly deliver half priced sofas? And will Buttons make it into Westlife? 

Episode 3, and Cinders and Buttons arrive at the Ball, the biggest celeb party in the whole of the land! Buttons, once again tries to audition for a boyband - this time - Westlife! They meet the Royal Butler, Julian Clarey.

Episode 3: At the Ball, Ricky Gervais & Audition for Westlife

Will Cinderella get her hands on the completely loaded Prince Charming?

Episode 4, Cinderlla and Buttons are at the ball! Where they meet Prince Charming (someone you'll recognise)!

Episode 4: At the Ball & Losing a shoe

Will Cinders and Charming get married?

Episode 5 (The Finale)! Prince Charming is on the search for a foot to fit!

Episode 5: They All Live Happily Ever After...