Heart Breakfast's Highlights

Jamie and Emma look back at some of their Heart Breakfast moments...

January - Cake Tasting

In January we welcomed Emma Bunton to Heart Breakfast and were really happy she brought us all cake. Shame it was a few years out of date!

Cake Tasting On Heart Breakfast - 16th Jan 2013


February - Lie Detector Test

We're used to Jamie's tall tales but Bunton would never tell a lie... would she?

Jamie & Emma Take The Lie Detector Test - 5th Feb 2013


March - Undercover Emma

We sent Emma undercover in Leicester Square!

Undercover Emma On Heart Breakfast - 12th Mar 2013


April - Michael Buble

The smoothest crooner in town made us all swoon.

Michael Buble On Heart Breakfast - 16th Apr 2013


May - Uvaguv

Emma taught us a whole new language.

Emma Speaks Uvaguv - 2nd May 2013


June - Heart's Hair Salon

"Radiohead", the Heart Breakfast hair salon opened for business.

Radiohead - 5th Jun 2013


July - On The Blag

Whose fame could blag them the most free stuff?

On The Blag - 17th Jul 2013


August - Jamie Versus Emma Series 1

In August the winner of Jamie Versus Emma was crowned!

Jamie Versus Emma The Winner - 8th Aug 2013


September - Janey & Emlyn

Heart Breakfast Sex Swap Shocker!

Janey And Emlyn - 12th Sep 2013


October - Yodelling

Who knew Jamie and Emma had musical talent?

Jamie Versus Emma Week 1 - Yodelling


November - Tongue Twisters

Did Jamie jumble or Bunton bumble?

Jamie Versus Emma Week 3 - Tongue Twisters


December - Christmas Nativity

A festive finale to 2013.

Heart Breakfast Christmas Nativity - 6th Dec 2013