Jamie Versus Emma Season 2

The Breakfast Battle is back on!

Batman Versus The Joker! Monsters Versus Aliens! Blur Versus Oasis! They're nothing compared to Jamie Versus Emma!

Each week, our Breakfast battle sees multi-million selling singer Emma Bunton pitted against Smash Hits Best Dressed Man 1996 Jamie Theakston.

Week 1 - Yodelling

The UK's premier yodeller, Barclay Beales was on hand to put Jamie and Emma through their paces and perform an exclusive version of the Spice Girls' Wannabeeyodelayeeeeee...

Jamie Versus Emma Week 1 - Yodelling


Week 2 - Recorder Playing

There weren't any recorder players in the Spice Girls but maybe there should have been! Jamie resurrects a recorder classic from his school days and Emma tackles the 1996 Christmas number one.

Jamie Versus Emma Week 2 - Recorder Playing


Week 3 - Tongue Twisters

Does Jamie jumble or Bunton bumble? It's the Jamie Versus Emma tongue twister challenge!

Jamie Versus Emma Week 3 - Tongue Twisters


Week 5 - A Part In Panto

Star of Spiceworld The Movie Emma Bunton and star of Mad About Alice Jamie Theakston try to get a proper acting job!

Jamie Versus Emma Week 5 - Panto


Week 6 - Show And Tell

What have Jamie and Emma got to show us and what can they tell us about it?

Jamie Versus Emma Week 6 - Show And Tell


Week 7 - It's A Rap

All right stop, collaborate and listen... Who's rap should we not be dissin'?!

Jamie Versus Emma Week 7 - Christmas Rapping