Jamie's Masterchef Blog

We know Jamie likes eating his food but can he actually make it? He's swapped the burger bar and pizza parlour for the toughest challenge in cookery! Check out Jamie's progress here...

Day 1

It's aprons at the ready as Jamie is given the Mystery Box test. He did a good job creating a tasty dish from rice, black cabbage, apples and a gurnard (it's a type of fish!) but took the fillets off by mistake. John and Greg didn't seem to mind though - Jamie was so grateful he even gave Greg a kiss! Could this be the start of the first Masterchef bromance? 

Day 2

Jamie was paired up with Anne Charleston to cook dinner for the pupils at the London School Of Hygiene And Tropical Medicine - no pressure then! He whipped up 40 portions of chicken pasta with tarragon in white wine sauce well, not so much "whipped up" - it took him over two hours. No marks for speed then Jamie! Tomorrow, one of the contestants will be eliminated. Let's hope Jamie doesn't have to hang up his apron just yet!

Day 3

The pressure was on as it was the last chance to deliver the goods ahead of the first elimination! Jamie struggled a bit with his tart but had some manly support in the form of a hug from Gregg - the bromance continues! Sadly, Anne was eliminated. We'll miss her but they'd probably have run out of garlic if she'd been allowed to stay in the show much longer!

Day 4

With Anne gone, the three remaining chefs were sent to top London restaurant Coq d'Argent to prepare meals for real paying customers. Jamie was tasked with cooking a grande poisson - monkfish with pome fondant and braised fennel. He managed not to crack under the pressure but was clearly feeling it - at one point hiding under his chef's hat! His steak tartare was okay - and our Jamie was even complimented on his egg!

Day 5

The day of reckoning... Jamie's challenged to produce a faultless two course meal for none other than Lisa Faulkner and Andi Peters. We weren't sure about the state of his steak but he's into the final eight! Our Jamie's off the show for a bit while the next heat takes place. We'll keep a close eye on his progress when he's back on!

Final Eight

Day 1

Jamie's journey continues! He was given an hour and a half to cook pan fried red mullet with langoustines, saffron fondant potatoes, broad beans and sea beet with a shellfish bisque. It takes us nearly an hour and a half just to say it! The judges were impressed - Gregg called Jamie's dish "restaurant standard". Good work Jamie! Through to the next round...

Day 2

Jamie hates boats so what better place to be asked to prepare a meal than on a cross-channel ferry? He's teamed up with Emma Kennedy to cook chicken escalope, crushed potato salsa verde and orange tart. He's less than half way across the Channel when he makes a discovery - a breeze block of chocolate! The customers seem to appreciate Jamie's efforts so he's back tomorrow to create a dish inspired someone he loves... Harriet Ham Sandwich anyone?