Monday Blog: The Dog Ate It

Meet Magnus. He's Jamie's new cockapoo.

Jamie went all the way from London to Lincoln to get him and he's now the new member of the Theakston household. We love our dogs but sometimes they can cause canine catastrophes! We remember blaming the dog for eating the homework but some of the things they've munched on really do take the (dog) biscuit!  Have a listen below...

Jamie didn't do so well on Mothers' Day. He bought Mrs Theakston some cosmetics but it turned out he'd got her acne cream! Emma's son, Beau made her biscuits at school. Emma didn't eat them though - who knows who might have dribbled in them!

Looks like it'll be another snowy day tomorrow so we'll be asking "what's it too cold to do in London?".

See you tomorrow x

The Dog Ate My... - 11th Mar 2013