Monday Blog: Jamie's In Charge Of The Kids

Jamie's wife's gone away for a few days so he's been left in charge of the kids.

All he has to do is keep them entertained while remembering where the washing machine is, making the packed lunches and keeping them away from his power tools... What could possibly go wrong? Listen below for some advice!

This morning we were counting down the top 10 fictional places where you'd like to work. Wernham Hogg from The Office, Hogwarts and Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory all made it onto the list. Jane from Bushey suggested the Heart Breakfast studio which is a bit strange because we're real not fictional!

We're back tomorrow with another Top 10, an Oscar Winning Performance and an update on Jamie's childminding!

See you tomorrow x

Jamie'sIn Charge Of The Kids - 13th May 2013