Monday Blog: Just Missed Out!

On Friday Jamie got a call from Director Baz Luhrmann asking if he could come on the show...

Unfortunately he call at 9.01 - a minute after the show had finished! Baz just missed out! We asked you for your stories of the times when you came so close but so far! Hear Chrstine's story below...

Ever been hit by a chicken drumstick? What about a beetroot? They both made our list of the top 10 worst foods to be hit by! The beetroot doesn't hurt but it's a nightmare to get the stains out apparently but the number one was eggs - splat! We'll count down another top 10 tomorrow.

If you fancy a family trip to Legoland Windsor we could sort that out for you in the morning. You can also win a stack of DVDs in our special "foreign language" themed Oscar Winning Performance.

Adieu! x

Just Missed Out - 20th May 2013