Monday Blog: The Lie Guy

It's Honesty Week on Heart Breakfast this week. In all honesty we're not sure why...

...but it is! That means we'll be separating the fact from the fiction and taking on fabrication and fallacy! We've always been fascinated by the lie detector tests taken on daytime TV shows and how accurate they are so this morning we got lie detector expert Bruce Burgess to tell us what it's all about. Jamie and emma will be answering some tough questions on tomorrow's show and you'll find out if they're telling the truth!

Emma's back from her time on the set of Glee in LA. She soaked up the American way of life insisting on super size portions for breakfast. Jamie was good for once and stuck to his porridge...

Honesty Week continues tomorrow when we'll be hearing some of your confessions!

See you tomorrow x

The Lie Guy On Heart Breakfast - 4th Feb 2013