Monday Blog: Moves Like Jamie

Jamie's been gearing up for Heart In The Park this Sunday.

He saw Chic perform (bizarrely at a jazz festival in Sussex) over the weekend and got a bit carried away! Have a listen below to find out what happened.

We're all really proud of Andy Murray from Scotland (England's most northern county) winning Wimbledon. The last British title winner was Virginia Wade in 1977, Andy was born in 1987, it was his 7th final and took place on the 7th day of the 7th month. Coincidence? We think not!

Because Wimbledon's finished we sadly won't be playing any more Telephone Tennis. It's not all bad news though because Oscar Winning Performance is back! If you want to hear a polished performance from a classically trained actress you probably shouldn't listen after 8.30!

We're back in the morning with another chance for you to be at Heart In The Park and you could also pick up £5000 worth of holiday essentials.

Moves Like Jamie - 8th Jul 2013