Monday Blog: Nicole Scherzinger

FInd out what it's like being in the passenger seat next to Lewis Hamilton and whether she'll be back on The X Factor..

Also hear if she passed the audition to be a Heart Breakfast presenter! Jamie was pretty smitten with her so somehow we don't think he'd mind!

Nicole helped us launch our Have A Heart Appeal 2013. If you'd like to get involved and help change the lives of seriously ill children click here

Dawn French is to star as James Corden's mother in a new comedy series which got us thinking if you could choose your parents, who would you choose? Dawn French came pretty high on the list as did Keith Lemon. Joanne Travel's choices were a bit strange though - Prince Charles and Camilla!

Tomorrow, Jamie and Margherita will be demonstrating their special acting "skills" again in Oscar Winning Performance and, if you've got your eye on winning £125,000 with Who's On Heart, property expert Amanda Lamb will be on the show to give you some tips on how you could spend the money.

Happy Monday! x

Nicole Scherzinger On Heart Breakfast - 28th Jan 2013