Monday Blog: Welcome Emma Bunton!

Emma Bunton spiced up Heart Breakfast this morning so how did she get on on her first day in the new job?

She's performed in front of millions around the world but that was only a warm up for Emma's biggest gig of all - the new co-host of Heart Breakfast! Emma's spicy stilettos graced the Heart Breakfast studio for the first day in her new job!

And she didn't do badly (okay, she forgot to bring in cakes for Jamie and Joanne but we'll let her off today!)... We found out that she can speak Japanese, that she used to fancy Jamie a little bit back in the day and that she loves a Nandos!

Tomorrow, we'll be giving you the chance to win £5000 worth of holiday essentials with The Sun and a DVD package if you can identify the film being re-enacted in Jamie and Emma's Oscar Winning Performance.

So now we've got a new show we need a new slogan... Any suggestions..?

New Slogan For Heart Breakfast - 7th Jan 2013