Movember Shave Day

For a whole month Jamie's been fashioning a moustache for Movember! Today Ali, the Master Barber came to shave it all off!

Comments on our Facebook page have likened Jamie's facial friend to a slug, a carpet or even a rug! It's also been said that Jamie might be starting to look like:

  • Mario or Luigi from Mario Brothers
  • Manuel from Faulty Towers
  • One of the 118-118 men
  • Ned Flanders!

Jamie himself really wanted to match the 'tache of actor, Tom Selleck!

This morning, (1st December), was "Shave Day". Ali the Master Barber (yes, Ali Barber!) come into the studio with his King of Shaves products to whip it off live on Heart Breakfast.

If you missed it then don't worry. That's why we filmed it! You can check out what happened below and view all the photos that we took each day to monitor his furry friend's growth!

And thanks to Ali the Master Barber for helping us out.