On today's show

Monday 24th May

To celebrate the release of Sex And The City 2 this Friday, we gave away the Ultimate Girls Night Out including money to go shopping, a private screening of the film and tickets to Heart’s exclusive Love Music Live gig with The Saturdays.

And, if you missed the final of the Battle of the Boroughs this morning, you missed Nicola Hart from Brent storming to the top of the leader board and being crowned the BOTB champion 2010!

Thursday 20th May

This morning – Shane & Harriet sang you the weather on the piano, talked film memorabilia (Shane has a huge collection of Planet of the Apes memorabilia) baby names and mascots.

Plus, Caroline Maresh and Dean Eley won tickets to see the Black Eyed Peas, Steph Goldy celebrated her 40th birthday on Play Your Birthday Cards Right and Beckie Kern from Morden made it to Number 5 on the Battle of the Boroughs leader board.

Wednesday 19th May

Alexandra Burke was on today’s show talking to Shane and Harriet about her dog Alfie, wanting to be an actress and her plans to tour next year.  Listen back here.

Plus Harriet announced The Saturdays will play Heart’s next Love Music Live event. Not only can you win tickets to be at the gig but we’ll send you and a friend for a shopping spree to get outfits for the gig and to a special screening of Sex And The City 2. Listen from Monday morning to win. 

Tuesday 18th May

On what could be the hottest day in London, Shane and Harriet were on fire this morning!

Chris Williams in Enfield and Caroline Ward in Bromley both won tickets to see the Black Eyed Peas, passes to their official after-show party and £500 spending money.

Lucy in Croydon is 12 today and Played Her Birthday Cards Right and won a Heart Breakfast birthday cake (Shane also promised her a pony but her Dad wasn’t so sure).

Evil Knieval’s son, Kaptain Robbie Knievel, will attempt to jump 16 double-decker buses this weekend at Wembley. This morning Shane revealed that he was there 35 years ago when Evil tried to jump 13 buses, and ran onto the pitch to try and steal Evil’s helmet!

And with less than a week to go until we crown the Battle of the Boroughs Champion 2010, Joan in Staines tried to knock Ealing off the top spot. But alas for Joan she only managed 21st place.