Terry the Crane

Terry is a crane driver currently situated in West Hampstead. Each and every morning we speak to him up 150ft high in a big yellow crane!

Terry the Crane Driver

He's the bloke who does our weather
He doesn't work on a bus or a train
He's High above the streets of London
It's Terry The Crane!

More About Terry

How long have you been a crane driver for?
13 years!

What's the highest you've been up in a crane?

What happens when it's windy?
I'm not allowed to work if the wind speed is 38mph or higher.

Is there a 'Mrs Terry the Crane'
Yes, I've got a girlfriend.

Where is the most interesting place you've ever worked?
By the Olympic site. 

Whats the most interesting thing you've seen from up high?
The Red Arrows once flew over the top of my crane whilst I was working.

Have you ever been scared of heights?

What's the heaviest your crane can lift?
4 Tonnes

What happens if you need the toilet?
Can't answer that - it's a trade secret!

Can you see your house from your crane?
Yes, I always have one eye on it!