Thursday Blog: Emma's Fitness Regime

January is the month to get fit! Jamie's on a diet to lose a few pounds so what's Emma doing?

How does a Spice Girl keep in trim? Get all Emma's January fitness secrets by having a listen to the clip below!

Jamie, with the help of Linda from Windsor learned that Emma has a "baby" tattoo on her hip. JT wasn't impressed with it though - he said it looked like a prison tattoo! We'll be finding out more about Emma tomorrow.

The Heart Breakfast puppy, Toby has sent his first tweet! If you want to keep updated on his adventures you can folow him @TobyBunton

Tomorrow, we'll give you your final chance to win £5000 of holiday essentials with The Sun and giving away a whole stack of goodies in Freebie Friday x

Emma Updates Us On Her Fitness Regime - 10th Jan 2013