Thursday Blog: Sofa Shocker!

We've got over £13 billion in jars, under the mattress or down the back of the sofa.

So this morning on Heart Breakfast we wanted to know what's behind yours? We had all sorts of answers from passports and toys to a block of cheese! Talking of cheese, have a listen below to what Ruth from Welwyn found behind her sofa!

Yesterday, Emma mentioned how much she likes Jaffa Cakes so today the challenge was on - who could fit the most in their mouth? They've all got big gobs but Joanne Travel triumphed in the end with an incredible (edible) 5! Well done Joanne.

Tomorrow, we'll have another Oscar Winning Performance, the ABC Game and your chance to win a whole stack of stuff in Freebie Friday. See you tomorrow x

Sofa Shocker - 11th Apr 2013