Thursday Blog: The Truth About Tom

Superstar band The Wanted tell us who gets the ladies and who's the best dancer!

Day 4 of Honesty Week and The Wanted popped in to tell us all about their new TV show on E! Entertainment. They'll be filmed in a big house and told us anything goes - unless it's illegal! Have a listen to the full interview an hear Tom take our honesty test by clicking below.

You can always rely on your kids to tell it how it is and Jamie's young son, Sidney certainly didn't hold back! Find out what he thinks of his daddy's dancing, whether he likes him on the radio and what he thinks his daddy smells of below!

Tomorrow we'll be finding out all the truths that have been told this week. Emma's son, Beau tells us what she thinks of mummy and we'll be squeezing the truth out of Rylan! Set your alarm! x