Thursday Blog: Uvaguv

Regular listeners to Heart Breakfast will know that we talk a lot of nonsense but this morning the conversation was even more strange...

Emma couldn't believe that no-one else in the studio was able to speak the language of Uvaguv. It's quite easy to understand but difficult to pick up! Basically, you add the word "uvaguv" to words when you speak them so the word "summer" would be "summuverguv". Make sense? Listen below for more examples!

52% of women say that a real man shouldn't be afraid of spiders but only 10% of men think the same. We asked you for some of your strange fears and got some very strange answers! Nige from Chigwell is scared of hedgehogs because they're "prickly and freak me out" and John from Witham told us he's afraid of sheep!

We're back tomorrow before the long Bank Holiday weekend. See you tomorrow x

Emma Speaks Uvaguv - 2nd May 2013